The concept of gestalt (German: Gestalt, “shape form”) owes its origin to the fields of psychology and philosophy. It refers to the doctrine that behavioral and psychological phenomena must be studied as a whole for they cannot be fully explained by analysis of their component parts, as reflexes or sensations. The principle of gestalt is summed up in the line “The whole is other than the sum of the parts”.

I’m Vivek Krishnan, and I have been in and around finance for over 15 years (the journey continues) as an entrepreneur, Investment banker and fund manager. I live in India and identify with the world around me through travel, people that I work with and myriad sources that I get to read. This blog is an effort to apply the idea of ‘gestalt’ into my own understanding of global economics and finance. I hope that writing the blog in itself will be a revelation to me. I like to take on subjects in a random manner, darting into themes that have interested me during the week and returning to events where I intuitively sense patterns developing. I do not profess to be an expert and neither do I wish to come across as very insightful in my posts. However, I’d surely like to be a filter to interesting opinions, thoughts and ideas that I come upon in the course of my work, discussions and readings.

I generally do not align with any particular school of economics. That said, I have an affinity for the works of Hyman Minsky and behavioural economics.


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