Making Sense of Another Greek Threat To Leave the Euro

There has been a great deal written on Greece in the recent weeks. Normally, I refrain from writing about any subject when it gathers all the attention. For one, there isn’t much that I can say that is already said. But above all, it takes me a while to get a grip on events and take a stance. Yes, I do take a stance every once in a while. Continue reading


Michael Pettis: Syriza and the French Indemnity of 1871-73

Vivek here. If you need to understand the Eurozone crisis and the context of ensuing deliberations between Greece and the political elite of the Eurozone, read this longish post by Michael Pettis. Mark my words – its a phenomenal read but you’ll need patience. Grab your coffee, block out other thoughts and reference the below link to read more….